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“I see music as fluid architecture.”

JOni Mitchell

Photo by Colin Goldie, design by WAHL

My album Raven’s Wing has received acclaim and airplay from CBC Radio and independent and college stations in Canada and the US. Nine of the 10 songs are originals or co-writes and most of the instruments and vocals are by yours truly. The songs are performed on a wide variety of acoustic and electric instruments, including guitars, mandolin, organ, piano and bass.

“This album of 10 tracks will give you more joy and good feelings than many double albums. It is thoughtful, simple, spare and revealing as the best music should be.”


“A beautiful voice like Eric Clapton, this Vancouverite writes very well. The arrangements are sparse and well executed, and his songs are lovely. Dale is a master musician, a music teacher in real life, playing a wide variety of instruments and playing them well.”


Raven’s Wing, from the album of the same name
(Lyrics by Steve Alexander, music by Dale Rasmussen)

In Your Eyes, from the album “Raven’s Wing
(Lyrics and music by Dale Rasmussen)


Raven’s Wing CD by Dale Rasmussen

Ten songs (nine original and one traditional) in a mellow acoustic vocal style with lush harmonies. A thoughtfully produced album, with layers of instruments including acoustic and electric guitar, hand percussion, upright and electric bass, mandolin, harmonica, piano and organ. All in a beautifully designed 12-page package with lyrics, photos and liner notes.


True love opens the gates of time.

Neil Young

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